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AlarmPi smoke alarm interface project kit for Raspberry Pi. Emails alarm alerts to your mobile phone.

Smoke / CO or Driveway Alarm GPIO Project Kit for Raspberry Pi.

Everything you need to interface your Smoke/CO or Driveway alarm to your Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi will log every alarm and send an email to your phone.

Can also take photos from a Raspberry Pi Camera module and email photos to your phone when the alarm is triggered.

Smoke Alarm script can email you at midnight each day to let you know it's still up & auto-launch on reboots. 

Range of example shell scripts provided on DVD to get you started, which can also be downloaded from our server.

Includes: Breadboard, wires, opto-isolator chip, resistors, link cables, PDF manual on DVD.

Alarm detection circuit can take a feed from any 3v, 5v, 9v or 12 volt supply, using the variety of resistors included with the kit.

Doesn't include Raspberry Pi, camera module, Pi plastic case, phone, or Smoke/CO/Driveway alarm shown.

Compatible with all Raspberry Pi models: A, B, A+, B+ and Pi 2.