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Wireless Internet WiFi Doorbell Project Kit for Raspberry Pi. Emails photos of callers to your mobile phone.

Wireless Internet WiFi Doorbell Project Kit for Raspberry Pi.


  • Lloytron MIP white or black wireless doorbell
  • 433MHz shielded low-noise receiver board
  • buzzer
  • breadboard
  • 5x IDC breadboard to Pi cables
  • 17.3cm antenna wire
  • DVD with PDF instructions & all code required.

The wireless receiver board attaches to your Pi, your Pi is connected to the internet. When someone pushes the doorbell, the Pi detects this and sends an email to your mobile phone. If you have the Raspberry Pi camera module, you'll get a HD photo emailed to your phone too.

You can expand the system with inexpensive Lloytron MIP wireless PIRs & magnetic door sensors, or even a 2nd doorbell. All the Lloytron MIP devices have a unique code, a bit like the MAC address in your WiFi & Bluetooth devices, and can be individually identified by our receiver code running on the Pi.

(Doesn't include a Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi camera or Raspberry Pi case)

Compatible with all Raspberry Pi models: A, B, A+, B+, Pi Zero WH, Pi 2, Pi 3 and Pi 4 model B (1GB/2GB/4GB).

(Also regular Pi Zero if you have soldered a GPIO header on)