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Xbox 360 Headset Chat Audio Recording breakout leads.

Xbox 360 Headset Audio Recording breakout leads.

Want to record your headset conversation, while using our Game-2-PC kit?

These leads will allow you to record a separate audio track using Audacity, which can then be imported into the Game-2-PC video editor & mixed to the exact levels you require. This gives you a more professional result than just recording one audio track, that contains both game audio & headset commentary.

Included items: Stereo 2.5mm plug to 3.5mm socket adapter, Stereo 3.5mm plug to 2x 3.5mm socket splitter, Stereo 3.5mm plug to 2.5mm socket, 2 metre long stereo 3.5mm plug to plug lead.

These leads are only for use with the original Xbox 360 headset (pictured). They may work with other 2.5mm plug headsets. They won't work with USB headsets.